Stallion Collection

For the stallion owner who wishes to breed outside mares, across the country, shipped semen (cooled fresh semen) can be the answer. This not only opens the possibility for more business for the horse owner, but may also be the answer for the stallion owner who does not wish to risk the valuable stallion by offering live cover.

The first collection is usually included in the stallion's breeding fee, with additional shipments being the responsibility of the mare owner.

Stallion collection and extending fee: $350.00 (Each shipment is insured for no additional fee)

Each jump that is not extended - $300.00 (If the stallion does not put out semen that is extendable we will charge a jump fee $75.00 Be aware that some stallions may need "cleaned out" or if they are blocked, they may require several jumps over the course of a few days before you get a quality semen sample.)






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