Stud Fee: $2,000.00

Collection Schedule : Mo - Wed _ Fri  March 15 to July 15

We will be able to do on farm inseminations after that, but by individual booking only.

Current Number of Offspring: 8

Colts: 6

fillys: 5

OMF Foal Status: Please see sales page.

Cobalt Breeding Options (Gypsy Vanners/Cobs)

The following breeds will be accepted for breeding and registration purposes.

Gypsy Vanner/Cobs - Any registered Gypsy Vanner/Cobs mare may be bred to Cobalt to produce a registered foal with either the  GVHS or the GCDHA.

Shire/Clyde/Friesian - A full blooded Shire/Clyde/Friesian bred to Cobalt will produce an eligible Drum Horse. (Please see Breed Standard for details)

Thoughbred/Warmblood/Sport Horse- The offspring will be eligible for crossbred registration. This cross will produce a Sport horse type.

Non-Feathered Draft Horse - The offspring will be eligible for crossbred registration.



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